HR Consultancy Services including Training & Development

We provide expert consultation and guidance to organizations transforming the nature and the functions of Human Resources to meet the changing environment, apart from the following:

  • Human Resource Planning
  • Orientation
  • Training & Development
  • Job Analysis
  • Job Design
  • Motivation
  • Performance Evaluation & Review
  • Compensations & Benefits
  • Framing Personnel Policies & Employee Handbook
  • Retention Strategies
  • Downsizing, Restructuring and New Organizational Structures
  • Safety & Health
  • Compliance of Labour/Industrial Laws affecting HR Services
  • Measuring HR effectiveness
Framing different kind of forms relating to Performance Management, IQ/EQ tests, succession/career planning

In recent years, Training & Development Consultancies or outsourcing has taken on a more strategic role, offering strategic value not otherwise attainable. Many companies found that engaging an outside consultant in the field of Training & Development added value without increasing their fixed payroll costs.

Driven by the competition, new markets and new products and customer demands, many companies are dealing with constant change and technology obsolescence and therefore training is of utmost importance to the management of these companies.

For at least the next ten years the demands of domestic and global economy will continue to change the way business are organized and operated. Performance will be measure by standards set by customers and the major new role for trainers like RSV Consultants will be to support the organization to achieve that performance.

RSV Consultants has its presence in the market in helping organizations’ change and transform.

RSV act as broker for constant learning that make changes possible through our valuable guidance in terms of identifying, assuring and – through planned learning – helping develop the key competencies that enable individuals to perform current or future jobs.

Equipped with experienced faculties, RSV Consultants have rendered their services successfully and proved their worth on the basis of understanding of their clients’ problems, needs, resources, operations, the opportunities and constraints,


Placement Services

Recruiting is a multi-dimensional process, one of the toughest aspects of which is deciding where to focus one’s efforts.

Our package of services include identification, searching, positive screening, short listing, interview processing and final listing with recommendations/selections after reference checking.

Our updated media functions, with the changed technology back-up have been proved to be befitting and worthy to the basic needs of many industries and commercial trading houses. We have in our data bank many candidates with requisite qualities and potentialities including significant accomplishments and academic background. We do maintain a large schedule of candidates with wide technical background in the field of IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Accounts/Audit/Inspections, Export/Import Operations, Pharmaceutical and Medical Services, including other allied technologies.


Temporary Staffing
Temporary full time or part time employees are those who are assigned to work for a specified and a limited period of time. We supply temporary staff upon receipt of manpower requisition from our client company for a specific period on certain terms and conditions including position description outlining the job responsibilities and performance requirements. These temporary employees may occasionally be required to perform related duties not set forth in the job description.

Job descriptions are being rewritten by out clients in the event of major new job responsibilities or other significant changes. We reserve our right to terminate the said employees once the need for such services ends.

In this context, we are being asked by our clients to supply the temporary employees in the event of clients’ special projects, special time of year, abnormal workload or emergency.


Business Process Outsourcing

Profiles of “the new economy” and changing nature of work are ubiquitous these days. These accounts invariably emphasize two different trends:Increasing focus by companies on core competencies, relying on third parties to handle an ever growing fraction of tasks so as to be lean and flexible in the face of rapid change and the rise of what the business periodical fast company recently dubbed the “free agent nation” and increasing trend toward independent, autonomous forms of work instead of long term attachments to organizations through traditional employment relationships.

Lately some employers are outsourcing full or part of their business functions as outsourcing is economizing in terms of results, cost, time, financial and legal liabilities.

We have identified some companies who may outsource some of their business functions and in this regard we are currently in the negotiation phase in terms of bi-partite agreement.


Legal Services

RSV Consultants provides the following legal services:Industrial/Labour Laws Company Law Property Laws Civil and Criminal Laws


We have panel of experts in the above fields who are renowned in their respective domains.